Company Culture

Our company culture is based on three core values.


We are transparent.

OMNY is a company built on trust, and designed to provide transparency to the industry it serves. In that same vein, we believe that our internal transparency should reflect this same vision as well. We believe in speaking up, we believe in asking questions, we believe in open discussion, and we believe in a shared sense of understanding among all of us who make up the company. 


We welcome challenges.

At its base, we have built novel technology that challenges our clients to rethink what is capable. This is a belief we instill internally as well. We as a company want to feel challenged every day. We want to feel like we are working on new and exciting obstacles, and that our direction is always forward. We believe in constantly pushing ourselves to think through what’s possible, and go beyond to what could be.


We move and learn quickly.

As a startup, we are in a constant state of development. Each day brings growth, and with that comes new challenges. How we do things will always be in flux, and we commit to embracing the change. We aim to fail fast and early, learn from our mistakes, and continue to push forward. We accept that no part of the process is a mistake, as each step is an opportunity for us to learn.